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The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.

—Max DePree


GeoCapital loans are 100% secured with houses, cars and gold.

Country risk insurance protects investor capital with ...


GeoCapital gives you a safe, secure way to capture solid growth in emerging markets. You earn a handsome return on your investment while helping others build a better life.


At GeoCapital, we know that transparency is the foundation of strength and stability in any financial services company. Good investment decisions require timely ...

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Experience You Can Trust

GeoCapital’s management team is staffed with professionals from Western Europe, the United States, Russia and Georgia. Together they bring decades of relevant experience in banking, technology, accounting, law, operations and marketing. Our managers work together in a tight knit group, focused on each others professional success and the successful growth of GeoCapital.

As GeoCapital grows, so does our management team. We are delighted to welcome Irakli Sokolovski as our new corporate attorney. Irakli, who is originally a native of Kutaisi, studied international law in the EU. He and is fluent in English, Russian and of course his native Georgian.


Our Standards

IFRS LogoInternational Financial Reporting Standards

GeoCapital Microfinance is fully compliant with IFRS standards. Our compliance is validated by frequent reviews and yearly independent audits performed by Grant Thornton.

National Bank of Georgia LogoNational Bank of Georgia Microfinance Standards Division

GeoCapital is chartered and regulated by the National Bank of Georgia. The National Bank defines operational standards and continually monitors GeoCapital financial, portfolio and investment data.

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